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Jeremy Nealis is an artist and designer living in Madison, Wisconsin.

He wears many hats (both literally & figuratively) and thrives on design, animation, branding, audio, & video.


Glitch Art Is Dead - Feb. 2017, Gamut Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

Glitch Artist Attempts to Synthesize Brains with Wavy Alien Landscapes - Apr. 2017, VICE - Creators Project

MMoCA Spring 2017 Gallery Night - May 2017, Art In, Madison, WI

Back-To-The-Land Electronica - Dec. 2017, Isthmus

LEVITATE Virtual Reality Art Gallery - Jan. 2018, VRChat

Depicting the Harvest - Apr. 2018, L'Officiel Voyage Russia

MMoCA Spring 2018 Gallery Night - May 2018, Lauer Realty Group, Madison, WI

Blue x80 - Oct. 2018, Villette Makerz, Paris France

Pactimo cycling clothing adds more comfortable fits, unique pieces, & new colors - May 2019,

Chroma 2020 - Apr. 2020 (Cancelled due to COVID-19), Madison Musuem of Contemporary Art, Madison, WI

Outside Looking In - Apr. 2020, Garver Feed Mill, Madison, WI

Garver Feed Mill is hosting a drive-thru visual art exhibition - Apr. 2020, The Bozho


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